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August 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey guys, good news and bad news, site’s been moved to Connected Arts. Everything’s been moved over there so this one is blank but this. To be honest name is yet to be determined, but i’m looking forward into adding new content… i hope schools starting soon. TTYL expect something lol.


You’re never alone

October 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Amanda Todd took over Facebook these past two days. When I watched her story I started reflecting on my own life back when I was in elementary, going into high school, and beginning to use the internet. Back in grade 7 it was probably the best time I had in school by far even up to college. Everyone was so youthful, waiting to see the world ahead of us. With the internet just upon us, everyone got online. I still remember the first social networking that everyone was on: Xanga. It’s amazing how far social networking as moved forward. Of course Xanga is a blog, far from the likes of Facebook, but what’s the difference now? The status updates are pretty much mini blog updates.

When she began conveying her story through the cards, it’s sad and sickens me when it’s just a young adolescent learning about the world that transitioning to something despicable. She was so young and naïve, but this boy simple had to take advantage of her, and he tried to blackmail her. Blackmailing is a serious offence, and the RCMP in her area is looking for the boy who blackmailed her.

As naïve as she is, she continue roaming online, meeting new people. Too bad she didn’t get the signal when the new friend that she made told her that he has a girlfriend. And when he asked her to go over because he’s alone with his girlfriend on vacation, she should have denied it. Then again she’s diagnosed with depression, has anxiety and “alone”.  I use alone loosely because she’s blocking herself from people, because her mom, Carol Todd has claimed that there are a lot of supporter, but she’s distancing herself. I get it when someone shows some affection towards you, people who are feeling down will fall for the bait; she was just unlucky, losing her virginity to someone that lied to her.

This occurred over the past 2 years. She has tried multiple ways to rid herself from this Earth. From drinking bleach to cutting her hand wasn’t enough to do it. From the article it looks like she wasn’t also in the ideal environment as well. She moved multiple times. Amanda moved from her father to mother. It looks like they’re divorced and they claim she has a lot of people supporting her; it would have been extremely helpful if she had both of her parents together. Then again, reflecting back on my own youth, begin the first generation Asian in my family, my parents weren’t always there. They had to work pretty much every day and talking to them was the problem. They work so hard to keep us afloat and you just don’t want to bother them. But the world has changed, back in elementary it was mostly horseplay and not full on bullying. I mean when they show bullying they depict people throwing punches and getting physical abuse, but when I was growing up and when in school kids occasionally we’ll give each other punches for dumb things but that’s part of growing up.

But seriously the world has changed so for all those parents out there, please talk to your kids as a friend and not as a “grown-up”. Because the tone and the authority you on them can be daunting. Once a life is gone, it’s gone. Show some affection during emotional conversations because I never had it while I was growing up I had to adapt, luckily it wasn’t as trouble as it is now.

R.I.P Amanda Todd, you’re never alone.


Amanda’s emotional story